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Eintrag vom 29.6.2016
Roger Martins erste Single Waterfalls klingt schon fast wie eine akustische Einladung, sich gedanklich an paradiesische Orte treiben zu lassen eine Aufforderung zum Tagträumen sozusagen. Zusammen mit Sänger Maurice ist den beiden ein frischer, sehnsüchtiger und eingängiger Track gelungen, der einen regelrecht dazu zwingt, alles beiseite zu legen und von sommerlichen Gefühlen begleitet, in eine surreale Welt einzutauchen.
WATERFALLS - Roger Martin feat. Maurice
"WATERFALLS" is a first-time collaboration between singer and songwriter Maurice and DJ Roger Martin.
Being good friends, they were delighted to share their musical ideas in this project, their first official opportunity to get together as an act.
Roger Martin has been a music lover since day one, touring as a club DJ at countless locations all over the GSA region. Besides writing and co-producing numerous tracks for DJ Antoine, Remady & Manu-L, Mike Candys or Dimaro, Maurice (aka Maury) is the co-writer and singer of the European multi-platinum hit "Ma Chérie" (DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers).
While brainstorming for visual ideas to accompany "WATERFALLS", they got in touch with a team of adventure athletes and cliff divers who perform their breathtaking art at some of Mother Earth's most beautiful places. It took just one test to convince everybody involved that the combination of these spectacular scenes with the music of "WATERFALLS" would result in a fantastic marriage of sound and image.
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