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DJ Seherezade

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Vivien Seherezade Nagy was born on 6th October 1990 in Budapest, Hungary. Vivien Seherezade Nagy is the official name of her. The Vivien name was chosen by her father, but her mother wanted to call her first child Seherezade, because her mother always read the 1001 Night Fairy Tales in her childhood with Seherezade's grandmother. Her mother decided that she will call her daugther Seherezade.
She was graduated in a 5 years secondary language grammer school on an Italian course where she learnt the English and Italian language fluently, but after these studeies she has chosen the dancing.She practised her English and Italian language knowledge. She was dancing in Austria, Malta and Germany.
Her Grandmother brought Seherezade up and she missed her Grandmother so much, because she is very thankful to her.

The big change

She applied for the biggest reality show's 5 series in Hungary, in the Való Világ (Real Life). This is the most successful reality show in Hungary for many years.
She was chosen into the "Passionate Woman" category. She always loved the sparkling and cameras, she was always dreaming about this. And this was given to her by the reality show.
During the reality show, she participated in a CKM Cover Photoshooting and she showed her beauty for Hungary. You can see her in the CKM 2012 January and February Edition.
The Slovenian FHM wants to make a cover shooting with her in the near future. She is very powerful, energetic, enthusiastic. She was finalist, the "First Lady" in the show, because she was the last girl who fell out from the game.
She was 163 days in the reality show. After the show, she got many request for public meetings with the fans. She is the most requested celebrity after the "Való Világ".
Many clubs invites her as a "celebrity" and she has opportunity to know her fans and get new friends and rest the 6 months' stress.
After the show she got many photoshooting, program where she had to go. She always tries to stay in touch with her fans through Facebook and other Social Media Activities.

The new career

She decided that she wants to work something which is connected to the music. She was thinking of it a lot and then decided that she wants to be the first female reality show celebrity DJ in Hungary.
Her best girlfriend, Franciska Cser (DJANE KEKKA) is a very famous female house djane in many countries all over the world and she inspirated Seherezade to learn this job.
She was thinking about this job before the reality show, but now she has enough relationship and affinity to learn that. After the show, she has started to learn immediately and from 1st June 2012, you can meet her behind the decks.
Now, you won't meet her as a dancer in the club, now she will spinning the vinyls and she make the people happy with her DJ sets. Now she is very confident and she choose the best commercial house, electro house and tech house tracks to make a huge party everywhere. She has learnt from more sources, because she wanted to know these profession in many views. She will improve herself day by day and learn a lot, because she wants to be accepted by the other DJs.